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Excellent Cosmetic Dentistry at Dentistree of Manassas

Oh, the beauty of a smile! Showing your pearly whites as you go about your day has the power to brighten up the environment around you and usher in positivity into every task. But what happens when your teeth are stained, misaligned or broken? You will often shy away from smiling and your self-esteem levels will be low. 

 Not to worry. Dr. Hideki Seto and his highly professional team at DentisTree of Manassas will help transform your appearance through top notch cosmetic dentistry services using the latest technology.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an arm of oral medicine that specializes in improving the appearance of your smile by focusing on the aesthetics of your teeth and mouth. Unlike general dentistry, a cosmetic dentist requires specialized training to perform procedures such as teeth whitening, enamel bonding, veneers and Invisalign braces. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

By coming to our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Manassas, you will get to enjoy a myriad of benefits of cosmetic dentistry including:

  • Improved appearance through a bright and sparkling smile
  • Self esteem boost that translates to confidence to go for your dreams
  • Restorative benefits that can help address problems such as tooth decays
  • Cosmetic orthodontic procedures help correct misaligned teeth

Aesthetic Dentistry Services Available at DentisTree of Manassas

When you come for a check-up at our clinic, Dr. Seto will take a thorough look at your teeth and come up with a personalized treatment plan. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures available at our modern facility include:

  • Teeth whitening – Also known as teeth bleaching, this procedure is one of the most popular among patients looking for a quick and non-invasive way to improve their smile. Universally available to women and men, teeth whitening provides instant brightening to your smile and accommodates a wide range of budgets. Our highly skilled dentist whitens your teeth by removing dirt or debris that may have gotten stuck on them over time.
  •  Porcelain Dental Veneers – To correct chipped, cracked or worn-out teeth, you can opt for veneers more so those made of porcelain. At our clinic, we provide the option of tooth-colored porcelains that help improve your look. Other than their aesthetic function, porcelain veneers also provide protective abilities which may help prevent advanced treatments. Better yet, veneers are loved for their durability and little interference with the existing tooth structure. 
  • Smile makeover – We are fully equipped to provide you with a new, gorgeous smile. Dental problems such as stained teeth, wear and tear on your teeth, discoloration and chipped teeth can hinder your ability to smile. To get a smile makeover, Dr. Seto will identify the  unique needs tampering with your smile and customize a makeover plan. No matter the problem, we have a solution to you beam again. 

What Conditions Can be Treat Using Cosmetic Dentistry

While there are a lot of myths associated with aesthetic dentistry procedures, the process is safe and rewards. The following are the common conditions that can be treated through cosmetic dental procedures:

  • Tooth discoloration – As you age, your teeth are bound to change color. Your enamel wears out with time leading to dull teeth. Smoking and heavy consumption of coffee/tea may also result in discolored teeth. Whitening or bleaching helps transform discolored teeth.
  • Decaying – Tooth decays are common dental problems which may advance to complicated levels that may damage the gum. Addressing decaying teeth at early stage helps prevent future problems and pain.
  • Damaged teeth – Whether broken, chipped, misaligned or smaller-than-usual teeth, damaged teeth prevent you from living a fulfilled life. The answer lies with a cosmetic dentist.

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s difficult to provide a blanket cost of cosmetic dentistry procedures since each patient’s needs are unique. However, at DentisTree of Manassas, we are committed to provision of affordable dentistry services in Manassas. We will walk you through our wide range of payment options and ensure that we come to an understanding to help bring back your smile.

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At our ultra modern dental studio in Manassas, VA, we will always provide you with a personalized experience in a friendly environment.  Are you looking for high quality cosmetic family dentistry? Contact us today to schedule a dentist appointment and let’s get those teeth back into their beautiful shape!